Lisa Frank


Upload_large_Spark_LogoAh back to school shopping, the only silver lining to the end of summer, at least thats the way I remember it. I also remember that getting a new wardrobe, new accessories and new school supplies were pretty much the highlight of the trip. All throughout elementary school my absolute favorite brand in the entire universe was Lisa Frank. She had the cutest designs with vibrant colors that just mesmerized me and literally would change my mood just from looking at them. She had a whole collection of school supplies including folders, pencil boxes, notebooks and of course backpacks! Her height of popularity was during the 90’s and pretty much girls all over would flock to her products.

Her backpacks were also a must for many young girls including myself. All the detailing and of course colors just made every single piece a one of a kind.


Out of curiosity I have randomly searched for Lisa Frank news or updates over the years and haven’t been able to find out much about the secretive designer. Lisa Frank mostly keeps to herself and has only one interview recorded with Urban Outfitters but asked to not show her face. Her factory Lisa Frank Incorporated was located in Tucson, Arizona where her headquarters has been described as vibrant and unmistakeable from the outside and inside. She also had a retail store in Arizona which I would have absolutely loved to visit if I had known sooner it was there as a kid.


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