Lisa Frank


Upload_large_Spark_LogoAh back to school shopping, the only silver lining to the end of summer, at least thats the way I remember it. I also remember that getting a new wardrobe, new accessories and new school supplies were pretty much the highlight of the trip. All throughout elementary school my absolute favorite brand in the entire universe was Lisa Frank. She had the cutest designs with vibrant colors that just mesmerized me and literally would change my mood just from looking at them. She had a whole collection of school supplies including folders, pencil boxes, notebooks and of course backpacks! Her height of popularity was during the 90’s and pretty much girls all over would flock to her products.

Her backpacks were also a must for many young girls including myself. All the detailing and of course colors just made every single piece a one of a kind.


Out of curiosity I have randomly searched for Lisa Frank news or updates over the years and haven’t been able to find out much about the secretive designer. Lisa Frank mostly keeps to herself and has only one interview recorded with Urban Outfitters but asked to not show her face. Her factory Lisa Frank Incorporated was located in Tucson, Arizona where her headquarters has been described as vibrant and unmistakeable from the outside and inside. She also had a retail store in Arizona which I would have absolutely loved to visit if I had known sooner it was there as a kid.


Girls just want to have fun!

When I was an early teen in the 90’s my fondest memories were roaming the mall on weekends with friends and not having a care or problem in the world. We literally could spend hours there and pretty much close the place down.

One of my favorite stores that was probably at the peak of its popularity at the time was Claire’s. Filled with fun accessories and jewelry it was the ultimate novelty store for girls and still is in my opinion. The first time I ever went inside a Claire’s I remember seeing a fluorescent purple inflatable couch hanging from the ceiling, remember when blow up furniture was all the rage? There was also the limited edition Claire’s diva trinket box pictured below that every 90a girl probably got at some point!

Another classic hot spot for all the “hip and happening” was good old Limited Too. Basically a one stop shop for all the trendiest outfits, pajamas, bathing suits, accessories and even cosmetics! This one speaks for itself I mean who didn’t love this place growing up?!! I pretty much came here anytime I needed a new outfit for an occasion or even just a gift for a friend. They had it all!

Let me know in the comments some of your favorite stomping grounds from back in the day!

Room decor

If you were a girl in the 90s and early millennium chances are you furnished your bedroom with blow up, fluorescent couches and chairs and even ottomans. Even though you could only sit on it for an hour or so before it started to deflate or grafting to your bare legs. If you had friends over to accompany you on your blow up furniture they probably thought you were the coolest gal around.

Another thing that was a must have back in the day, having your own phone and phone line (and I’m not talking about a cell phone). Growing up I had a 16 year old neighbor when I was about 10 who I pretty much tried to emulate in every way. Because at the time nobody really had a cell phone and few had pagers the thing to have was your own home phone and if you were really cool you had your own phone line. There was nothing like having your crush call and not have to ask your parents to hand you the phone. That was the life!

Clueless ❤️

It’s movie recommendation time! Now I’m not going to lie, I stumbled on Clueless kind of late in the game. In fact, I actually saw Mean Girls first since it came out when I was teenager and Clueless came out when I was, well, 5 lol. All I have to say is, better late than never. Clueless is definitely a 90’s classic and the original teenage, high school girl chick flick that will never get old.

Released in 1995 the story’s main character Cher is pretty much the epitome of what a fabulous, popular, beautiful, rich girl in the 90s was. With her flowing blond hair, French tips and 90210 address she ruled Beverly Hills High along with her BFF Dionne (also fabulous and beautiful) and eventually a third member of the clique the klutzy Tai who they adopt into their social circle.

In the end Cher ends up finding love, becomes a more humble version of herself and everyone has their own version of a happy ending. Definitely worth ordering on amazon to watch all the details in between! More than the story I just remembered being in awe of Cher’s style while watching for the first time. Can we just take a moment to check out her fabulousness? She’s the nicer, more classy Regina George!

Lovable Bears, nostalgia at its finest!


If you are anything like me, you probably forgot about a majority of the toys and accessories that were “all the rage” back in the day. The ones that once you see a photo of them you get that warm feeling inside and all those memories just flood back into your head.

Well thats exactly how I felt after being reminded of Lovable Bears. These were hand-held little bears that cried indicating you needed to feed them a bottle so you basically had to take care of them. The best part was they had light up noses and came in a variety of different colors and scents, thats right SCENTS!!! Usually the scent they had coordinated with their color from what I remember. Below are a few vintage photos that indicated their scents.



These are literally the cutest things ever, I have tried to find some that are available for purchase but so far no luck. I guess we can all hold on to the memory of these adorable little bears!


90’s Nickelodeon was where it was at!

How does this sound, Saturday night your hanging out with your friends and you order in a pizza and turn on Nickelodeon. First on the line up is “The Amanda Show” starring Amanda Bynes and her friends. It was pretty much a full hour of comedy featuring different skits that rip off real life adult shows such as her “Judge Trudy” special mimicking the daytime program “Judge Judy” and her own original skits such as “The Girls Room” making fun of classic girl talk restrooms and “Hillbilly Moments” making fun of white trash pretty much lol.


Keenan & Kel was one of my absolute favorite shows growing up, those two were always entertaining and had personalities that bounced off each other. It was always a go to after school following two naughty teenagers one who is a high school student who also works at the local market and his clumsy off the wall friend Kel who was always dragging him into something new. Watching these two could definitely transform your bad day or distract you from your everyday life with their hysterical antics.


Although those two shows were Nickelodeon classics, nothing beats the absolute cult favorite “ALL THAT”!!! This show was pretty much the pre teen and teen version of Saturday Night Live with all the hit Nickelodeon stars in one place hosting interviews, setting up skits and just having a great time on set to entertain all of us. This show was so good that people still talk about it to this day and I believe it would still make a hit if it were to premiere to today’s young audience. The cast in the first few seasons included both Keenan and Kel, Amanda Bynes and others that had other shows on the network!

All That season 1 opening theme





Butterfly Clips


Butterfly Clips: The must have accessory in the 90s and early millennium. Ah how I miss these colorful, sparkly accents to jazz up any hairstyle. I remember getting ready in my bedroom as a pre-teen with friends before weekend day trips to the mall and butterfly clips were always in hand. I remember adding in the larger sparkly ones for special occasions and some nicer ones were actually extremely intricate and beautiful.

sparkly butterfly

Trust me, I wasn’t the only one to exclusively show off my butterfly clips in the 90’s. Tons of celebs were always seen wearing these in music videos, red carpet events, magazine ads, etc. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen always sported butterfly clips in their series “The Adventures of Mary Kate and Ashley.”