Clueless ❤️

It’s movie recommendation time! Now I’m not going to lie, I stumbled on Clueless kind of late in the game. In fact, I actually saw Mean Girls first since it came out when I was teenager and Clueless came out when I was, well, 5 lol. All I have to say is, better late than never. Clueless is definitely a 90’s classic and the original teenage, high school girl chick flick that will never get old.

Released in 1995 the story’s main character Cher is pretty much the epitome of what a fabulous, popular, beautiful, rich girl in the 90s was. With her flowing blond hair, French tips and 90210 address she ruled Beverly Hills High along with her BFF Dionne (also fabulous and beautiful) and eventually a third member of the clique the klutzy Tai who they adopt into their social circle.

In the end Cher ends up finding love, becomes a more humble version of herself and everyone has their own version of a happy ending. Definitely worth ordering on amazon to watch all the details in between! More than the story I just remembered being in awe of Cher’s style while watching for the first time. Can we just take a moment to check out her fabulousness? She’s the nicer, more classy Regina George!