Briarberry Bear Collection

Hey everyone! Sorry for the delay in blog posts, the holidays definitely got the best of me. I’ve made a promise though to blog weekly and even daily when I can throughout 2019!

With that being said since this is my first blog post of the new year I figured I would pick something cute and fun that most of us probably remember playing with as kids, Briarberry Bears! The Briarberry Bears were a Fisher Price toy that was introduced in 1999 and were designed to stand up, sit and lay down.

These little bears were one of my favorite toys growing up because they were pretty much a cross between dolls and stuffed animals and made a great alternative for kids who didn’t like to play with baby dolls (like me lol)!

Physically these bears were so well made and high in quality that not only did they look adorable but they felt so special and custom. They came with full accessories, clothes and furniture so you could really make it an interactive experience with friends if you wanted. I personally remember playing with these by myself and being fully entertained.

Lovable Bears, nostalgia at its finest!


If you are anything like me, you probably forgot about a majority of the toys and accessories that were “all the rage” back in the day. The ones that once you see a photo of them you get that warm feeling inside and all those memories just flood back into your head.

Well thats exactly how I felt after being reminded of Lovable Bears. These were hand-held little bears that cried indicating you needed to feed them a bottle so you basically had to take care of them. The best part was they had light up noses and came in a variety of different colors and scents, thats right SCENTS!!! Usually the scent they had coordinated with their color from what I remember. Below are a few vintage photos that indicated their scents.



These are literally the cutest things ever, I have tried to find some that are available for purchase but so far no luck. I guess we can all hold on to the memory of these adorable little bears!


Polly Pocket

Who remembers Polly Pocket toys? My fun throwback toy for any 90’s kid to feel nostalgic

Throwback! Who remembers 90’s Polly Pockets? These were literally my favorite thing when I was a kid, I remember playing with these for hours. Funny how something so small could keep me so busy and fascinated. Not only were they absolutely adorable being so minature but the colors were so vibrant and different it made you wan’t to collect them all. The best part was you could pretty much carry them around anywhere you went.