Briarberry Bear Collection

Hey everyone! Sorry for the delay in blog posts, the holidays definitely got the best of me. I’ve made a promise though to blog weekly and even daily when I can throughout 2019!

With that being said since this is my first blog post of the new year I figured I would pick something cute and fun that most of us probably remember playing with as kids, Briarberry Bears! The Briarberry Bears were a Fisher Price toy that was introduced in 1999 and were designed to stand up, sit and lay down.

These little bears were one of my favorite toys growing up because they were pretty much a cross between dolls and stuffed animals and made a great alternative for kids who didn’t like to play with baby dolls (like me lol)!

Physically these bears were so well made and high in quality that not only did they look adorable but they felt so special and custom. They came with full accessories, clothes and furniture so you could really make it an interactive experience with friends if you wanted. I personally remember playing with these by myself and being fully entertained.

Girls just want to have fun!

When I was an early teen in the 90’s my fondest memories were roaming the mall on weekends with friends and not having a care or problem in the world. We literally could spend hours there and pretty much close the place down.

One of my favorite stores that was probably at the peak of its popularity at the time was Claire’s. Filled with fun accessories and jewelry it was the ultimate novelty store for girls and still is in my opinion. The first time I ever went inside a Claire’s I remember seeing a fluorescent purple inflatable couch hanging from the ceiling, remember when blow up furniture was all the rage? There was also the limited edition Claire’s diva trinket box pictured below that every 90a girl probably got at some point!

Another classic hot spot for all the “hip and happening” was good old Limited Too. Basically a one stop shop for all the trendiest outfits, pajamas, bathing suits, accessories and even cosmetics! This one speaks for itself I mean who didn’t love this place growing up?!! I pretty much came here anytime I needed a new outfit for an occasion or even just a gift for a friend. They had it all!

Let me know in the comments some of your favorite stomping grounds from back in the day!

Room decor

If you were a girl in the 90s and early millennium chances are you furnished your bedroom with blow up, fluorescent couches and chairs and even ottomans. Even though you could only sit on it for an hour or so before it started to deflate or grafting to your bare legs. If you had friends over to accompany you on your blow up furniture they probably thought you were the coolest gal around.

Another thing that was a must have back in the day, having your own phone and phone line (and I’m not talking about a cell phone). Growing up I had a 16 year old neighbor when I was about 10 who I pretty much tried to emulate in every way. Because at the time nobody really had a cell phone and few had pagers the thing to have was your own home phone and if you were really cool you had your own phone line. There was nothing like having your crush call and not have to ask your parents to hand you the phone. That was the life!

Polly Pocket

Who remembers Polly Pocket toys? My fun throwback toy for any 90’s kid to feel nostalgic

Throwback! Who remembers 90’s Polly Pockets? These were literally my favorite thing when I was a kid, I remember playing with these for hours. Funny how something so small could keep me so busy and fascinated. Not only were they absolutely adorable being so minature but the colors were so vibrant and different it made you wan’t to collect them all. The best part was you could pretty much carry them around anywhere you went.