Lovable Bears, nostalgia at its finest!


If you are anything like me, you probably forgot about a majority of the toys and accessories that were “all the rage” back in the day. The ones that once you see a photo of them you get that warm feeling inside and all those memories just flood back into your head.

Well thats exactly how I felt after being reminded of Lovable Bears. These were hand-held little bears that cried indicating you needed to feed them a bottle so you basically had to take care of them. The best part was they had light up noses and came in a variety of different colors and scents, thats right SCENTS!!! Usually the scent they had coordinated with their color from what I remember. Below are a few vintage photos that indicated their scents.



These are literally the cutest things ever, I have tried to find some that are available for purchase but so far no luck. I guess we can all hold on to the memory of these adorable little bears!