90’s Nickelodeon was where it was at!

How does this sound, Saturday night your hanging out with your friends and you order in a pizza and turn on Nickelodeon. First on the line up is “The Amanda Show” starring Amanda Bynes and her friends. It was pretty much a full hour of comedy featuring different skits that rip off real life adult shows such as her “Judge Trudy” special mimicking the daytime program “Judge Judy” and her own original skits such as “The Girls Room” making fun of classic girl talk restrooms and “Hillbilly Moments” making fun of white trash pretty much lol.


Keenan & Kel was one of my absolute favorite shows growing up, those two were always entertaining and had personalities that bounced off each other. It was always a go to after school following two naughty teenagers one who is a high school student who also works at the local market and his clumsy off the wall friend Kel who was always dragging him into something new. Watching these two could definitely transform your bad day or distract you from your everyday life with their hysterical antics.


Although those two shows were Nickelodeon classics, nothing beats the absolute cult favorite “ALL THAT”!!! This show was pretty much the pre teen and teen version of Saturday Night Live with all the hit Nickelodeon stars in one place hosting interviews, setting up skits and just having a great time on set to entertain all of us. This show was so good that people still talk about it to this day and I believe it would still make a hit if it were to premiere to today’s young audience. The cast in the first few seasons included both Keenan and Kel, Amanda Bynes and others that had other shows on the network!

All That season 1 opening theme